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People search everyday trying to find Amazon gift card generators, but you should think twice before actually using one of these programs. They will only succeed in stealing your personal information and harming your computer.

When you download programs that say they are things like Amazon gift card generators, Amazon code generators and Amazon gift code generators, the software you are downloading is not legit and will never work. It will install spyware, malware or key loggers onto your computer that will take a lot of time and effort to get off and could potentially break your computer.

Key loggers can steal your personal information such as bank details, passwords and log in details to sites, this can be very bad in the long run as people could use your bank details to make purchases or even worse you could have your identity stolen. As well as key loggers, many of these programs contain spyware and other viruses most commonly Trojans. These can seriously damage your computer causing massive data loss and they're extremely hard to remove.

Unfortunately i found out the hard way that sites that offer things link free Amazon gift code generators or Amazon gift card generators are bad news, i made the very big mistake of downloading one without looking into them.

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I started searching for amazon gift code generators & amazon code generators, eventually i found a site that seemed to be legit, looked great all i had to do was download the software and get my codes.

After i downloaded and installed the software that's when the problems started. My computer starting running very slow, and it would not allow me to open many of my programmes. I ran a virus scan and found that a trojan had been downloaded onto my computer when i installed the software. After trying to remove the virus with software i thought that it had gone, however my computer was still slow and many of my files were now corrupt. I attempted to uninstall the amazon gift code generator software but the programme did not show in my add/remove programmes list. Eventually i realised that the trojan had not been removed and was still infecting my computer.

I tried to fix the computer and remove the virus, but after many hours of trying this with no success i had to fully reset my computer. I lost many important files, as well as other programmes,music ect... that i had paid for. It cost me a lot of money to get my computer fully working and to get back the programmes i once had, it's really not worth downloading things like amazon code generators, amazon card generators or Free Amazon Gift Code Generators as they will infect your computer and only cause harm.

It's really not worth downloading amazon code generators as there is more bad that will happen than good. However there is a free and legit way you can get free amazon gift cards, paypal cash or anything else you like from This is a great site ( where you will never be asked to download anything that is unless you want to.

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Free Amazon Card

So now that you know sites offering things like Amazon gift code generators are not legit and will only cause problems, you are probably still wondering ''were can i get free Amazon gift codes ?'' well there are places where you can get free Amazon codes without the hassle of download Amazon code software.

Here is a site that is great, you complete free offers and surveys, refer your friends to join and play other members at games to earn points then you can redeem those points for anything like on Amazon including Amazon gift card and codes. (

Once you have signed up and confirmed the email that they send you, they will give you 250 points absolutely free! 250 points = $2.50. Make sure you check your spam folder for this email as well as your normal folder. Simply click the link in the email to verify and then you're all done! I know that once you sign up you may be confused about how the site works and the best ways to earn points/cash, there are many ways you can get help on the site. There is a shoutbox where you can ask advice from other members, a forum were you can post question which other members will answer and also a wiki which tells you everything you need to know about the site including how to earn prizes, offer guides, referral guides and much more!

Here is how to get your free Amazon gift code:
Create an account here HERE
Earn points by completing free surveys/offers, referring new users and playing games.
Redeem your points for an Amazon gift card.

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